Breast Cancer

Preparing for Your Mammogram


It's best to schedule your exam for several days after the end of your menstrual period when your breasts will be less tender. Dress comfortably in a two-piece outfit because you will need to undress to the waist. Do not use powders or deodorants on your breasts or underarms before you have the exam, because they might interfere with the mammogram.

What to Expect

During your mammogram, your technologist will take two images of each of your breasts. She will show you how to change your position between each image.

Your breast will be compressed to provide the best possible image with the least amount of radiation. While this compression may cause discomfort for some women, it is necessary to produce a good image, and it is not harmful to your breasts. Please tell your technician if the mammogram causes any pain.

Your Results

Your mammogram will be interpreted by a board certified radiologist who specializes in breast care. If you have had previous mammograms, the results will be compared to see if any changes have occurred. If needed, additional imaging such as another mammography or an ultrasound study may be ordered at this time.

Results of your mammogram and any additional imaging are promptly reported to your physician and mailed directly to you.


Mammography exams are normally covered by insurance. Please direct any questions about coverage to your insurance provider.

Make an Appointment

Mammogram appointments can be made directly, or you can ask your primary physician's office to do it for you. For more information about our services or to set up an appointment, contact Betty Ford Breast Care Services:

  • Greater Grand Rapids area: 616.774.7998 or 877.495.2626
  • Fremont area: 231.924.7778 
  • Greenville area: 616.225.9090
  • Lakeview area: 989.352.1505
  • Reed City area: 231.832.7135
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